What is BDIX?

BDIX is the short version of Bangladesh Internet Exchange. BDIX is the first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Bangladesh. It was created in order to provide physical connectivity to members of its network to exchange information as well as connect local-based Internet information locally using it. At present more than 115 companies of all sorts (ISPs and mobile operators, media companies as well as ISPs) are connected to the BDIX network.

What is BDIX?

BDIX is a non-profit enterprise that is part of the Sustainable Development Networking Foundation (SDNF) Bangladesh.

What is Internet Exchange Point (IXP)?

Internet exchange points (IXPs) are the standard basis of IP networking, which allows participants Internet service providers (ISPs) to exchange data that is intended for their specific networks. In terms of organization, the majority of IXPs are independent, not-for-profit associations that represent their respective participating networks.

IXPs can reduce the percentage of traffic from an ISP that has to be delivered through the primary transport providers, thus reducing the cost per bit of delivery for their services. Additionally, the increase in the number of routes that are available through the IXP enhances the efficiency of routing (by permitting routers to choose shorter routes) and fault tolerance. IXPs show the features associated with the impact of networks.

How Does BDIX Works?

BDIX is a large Layer 2 LANs of OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model, on which one or more physical locations contain network switches that route traffic between the different member’s networks.

Open Systems Interconnection

Throughout its entire existence, BDIX has maintained its leadership position in the fast-growing Internet sector in Bangladesh by offering high-quality services that provide speedy, cost-effective, and effective peering connections for its members as well as their customers.

Similar to many other IXPs in the world, BDIX operates on a fee for membership that is paid by connected members and is run for the benefit of members as well as the Internet community as a whole. To operate its financial operations, Members pay either a month-long or annual cost, typically dependent on the rate of speed at which they use the port that they use. The cost of membership is low in comparison to the potential savings of the upstream transportation costs for members.

BDIX Technical Features:

Layer 2 Technology: BDIX is a layer two Internet Exchange. Every member who is connected to BDIX is sharing data through the Layer Two technology.

Neutral Platform: Membership is available to many organizations. Organizations that are legally constituted and with an IP Block from APNIC with its own AS Number and with a Routing Device capable of running BGP can be a part of BDIX.

IPV4/6 Facility: Transfer of IPv4 or IPv6 traffic on the same infrastructure, and without any additional cost.

Port Choice: Members can choose the port capacity they require based on their requirements, ranging from 100MB to 1GB or 10GB ports.

BDIX Members ISP: Who are they?

BDIX Membership requires money and few other qualifications to become a member. Not all Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Bangladesh are members of BDIX. According to BDIX Official Website, there are only 116 organizations currently holding membership in the BDIX (See the list below).

Most of the ISP including Nationwide ISP, Zonal ISP (Central Zone ISP, South East Zone ISP, South West Zone ISP, North East Zone ISP, North West Zone ISP), Category ISP (Category A ISP, Category B ISP, Category C ISP) has access to through those 116 members. Basically, they buy BDIX Internet Bandwidth from BDIX member organizations to provide BDIX access to their customers.

BDIX Members

BDIX Members List

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What is BDIX?
BDIX means Bangladesh Internet Exchange. BDIX is the first Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Bangladesh. Where people can access various files fast.
What is BDIX Server?
BDIX Server is a normal FTP or File server with BDIX Layer 2 LANs connectivity. These servers can’t be accessed without BDIX connections.
What is the Best FTP Server in Bangladesh?
It’s tough to select one. Because there are thousands of BDIX File Server exists. You can see our Best BDIX Server in the Bangladesh section or check our BDIX FTP Servers List.
How do I enable BDIX?
As an internet user, you can’t enable BDIX. Only Internet Service Providers (ISP) are allowed to enable BDIX by becoming a BDIX member or buying BDIX Bandwidth from other members. If you are an ISP and interested to join the elite club of BDIX, then see here to check.
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